Chris Padgett
Week 1 Host
Bob Rice
Week 2 Host

Meet The Team

Josh Blakesley
Week 1 Worship Leader
Josh Blakesley has acknowledged a simple calling: to make music that moves people into prayer and action. Josh and his bandmates have dedicated themselves to making music for liturgy in today’s era by answering the question, How do I create a song that will honor traditions, yet speak to people in the modern Church and lead them to worship? He has led music for 20-plus years at various events, churches, festivals, and conferences including Steubenville Conferences. In addition to touring, songwriting, and producing, Josh serves as the music ministry coordinator at St. Anthony of Padua in The Woodlands, Texas.
Fr. Mike Schmitz
Week 1 Clergy
Father Michael Schmitz is the director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry for the Diocese of Duluth as well as the chaplain for the Newman Center at the University of Minnesota-Duluth. Father Mike attended Saint Paul Seminary and was ordained in 2003. He offers weekly homilies on iTunes and bulldogCatholic.org and has appeared in programs for youth and young adults through Ascension Press, as well as through regular short video messages on Ascension Presents.
Chika Anyanwu
Week 1 Speaker
Chika Anyanwu is an international Catholic evangelist and author currently based in Anaheim, California. Her missionary zeal is inspired by a love of Christ and the Church, the lives of the saints, and a desire to see people live in the knowledge of their worth while affirming the dignity of others. Her book, My Encounter: How I Met Jesus in Prayer is the perfect pocket-sized prayer companion for men and women of all ages. Chika is a part of a big and beautiful Nigerian family, loves coffee, and strives for sainthood every day, although bad drivers challenge her sanctity.
Joel Stepanek
Week 1 Speaker
Joel Stepanek has been passionately involved in youth ministry for over 15 years and has traveled throughout the United States and world proclaiming the Gospel. He is vice president of Parish Services at Life Teen and the author of several books, including Chasing Humility and True North: A Roadmap for Discernment. Joel is an avid Packer fan and enjoys cooking, Crossfit, and reading. Most importantly, he loves spending time with his wife, Colleen, and two children, Elijah Daniel and Sophia Grace.
Katie Hartfiel
Week 1 Speaker
Katie Hartfiel received her theology degree from Franciscan University of Steubenville and spent the following seven years serving as a youth minister in Houston. She now feels blessed to spend her days with her husband, Mark, and their four children, while still getting to travel to speak about Jesus. For more on Katie, her books, and your first chapters free, visit womaninlove.org.
Kyle Huelsing
Week 2 Worship Leader
Kyle Huelsing is a Catholic worship leader and evangelist in the Archdiocese of St. Louis, Missouri. He has ministered to thousands of people across the country for the past 15 years, leading conferences, faith rallies, Catholic camps, and retreats. Kyle has a heart on fire for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and works full time as a music minister at St. Joseph in Cottleville, St. Clement of Rome, and the Lindenwood University Catholic Newman Center. He currently resides in St. Louis, Missouri, with his wife, Kimberly, and their four children.
Fr. Chris Martin
Week 2 Clergy
Father Chris Martin is a priest of the Archdiocese of St. Louis. He is the pastor of St. Clare of Assisi parish, spiritual director, and retreat master. He spends his free time with his golden retriever, Moses.
Kelly Colangelo
Week 2 Speaker
Kelly Colangelo fell in love with Jesus at age 17 and has dedicated her life to bringing others into a radical relationship with Christ. She speaks internationally to people of all ages on a variety of topics, has appeared on EWTN’s Life on the Rock, and has been a contributor to Life Teen and Chastity Project blogs. Kelly currently serves as the director of Youth Ministry at a parish in northwest Florida. She graduated with honors from Niagara University with her BA in psychology, communications, and theology and from Syracuse University with her MS in counseling. Learn more at kellycolangelo.com.
Kyle Heimann
Week 2 Speaker
Kyle Heimann has traveled the country with the Catholic-acoustic-humor-folk-beard-rock duo, Popple, for years. He plays guitar, ukulele, kazoo, harmonica, and the nose flute. He can be heard on his daily radio show/podcast learning about the Catholic faith from guests and games on The Kyle Heimann Show. He enjoys sharing his faith through humorous stories, analogies, and multimedia. Kyle is married and has four kids. He is a bad dancer.
Michael Gormley
Week 2 Speaker
Michael Gormley, or “Gomer” as his friends call him, struggled with faith, belief, and the existence of God for years. He eventually found his way to God through studying whether the resurrection of Jesus Christ was real. He has degrees in philosophy and theology, a family, works at a parish with adults, and runs three side businesses: the Catching Foxes Show, Every Knee Shall Bow, and LayEvangelist.com.